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We carry a large inventory of drilling rental equipment, serving operators, drilling contractors and service companies.

IOT has a wide range of drilling tools, all meeting the highest quality standards. The services comprises rental of drilling tubulars, well-test strings and related accessories, as well as first class make & brake services. IOT has a fast growing inventory. All new drilling equipment has been produced in accordance with the highest industry standard (NS-1), and inspected at the same level (NS-2).
All well testing strings are supplied with Premium Connections, and maintained and stored indoor to meet the most stringent client requirements.

Inspection of drillpipe/HWDP and drillcollars is performed by third party inspection companies at our yard.
Inspection, cleaning and preservation of tubing is performed by IOT Norway.
Tubing is stored indoors for protection against the shifting weather conditions.

> 12.000 joints of Drill Pipe, HWDP and Drill Collars.
> 8.000 joints of Tubing.
> 6.000 handling/pup joints and x-over-subs.
> Associated handling equipment.

Drillpipe / HWDP / DC’s

IOT offers an inventory of 12.000 joints of Drill Pipe, HWDP and Drill Collars in most common sizes and connections. The equipment is manufactured to NS-1 and inspected to NS-2 specifications. 

Tubing for Well Test Operations

For over 10 years IOT has been the preferred tubing supplier for well test operations on the NCS with approx. 8.000 joints ranging from 2 3/8″ – 6 5/8″ in various grades and weights.

X-over Subs

Our inventory offers a wide selection of connections and sizes for our X-Over Subs. We have an excellent track-record of sourcing any special requrements from our local and global network of suppliers. 

Handling / Pup Joints

Drillpipe Handling / Pup Joints, Drillpipe X-Over Handling / Pup Joints, Pony Drillcollars, Tubing Pup Joints.

Handling Equipment

Bushing, Elevators, Safety Clamps, Slips and Bowls. 

Other Equipment

IOT has a wide range of drilling tools, all meeting the highest quality standards.