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Tubulars (API and Proprietary High Strength Connections) including – Drill Pipe, HWDP, Drill Collars, Landing Strings, Tubing, Washpipe, Crossover Subs, Bit Subs, Valves (FOSV, I-BOP, DICV), Hole Openers, Stabilizers (String & Near Bit), Handling Equipment, PBL Bypass Circulating Systems and more.


TRS (Tubular Running Services), Make & Break, Hydrostatic Pressure Testing, 38,000psi High Pressure Cleaning, NDT Inspection, Indoor and Outdoor Storage and more.

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A world class rental and services organisation within the Australian and Papua New Guinea offshore & onshore oil & gas, mining and geothermal industries.

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Welcome to IOT Energy Services Australia

Our main activities are the supply of downhole equipment and services, specifically – drilling rental tools, tubular and casing running services and workshop pre-assembly services to operators, drilling contractors and service companies.