IOT Holland offers a wide range of rental equipment

International experience.

As industry experts, IOT Holland initially understands the challenges facing our customers. It’s why we’ll work hard to supply rental drilling equipment, test strings, oil water separation units, torque tools and load testing equipment to clients around the world.

With considerable knowledge in most aspects of export documentation, regulations and procedures, you’re in the very best of hands.

Further details on the rental products offered can be found on this site: 

Drilling Equipment

Tubulars, Downhole Equipment, Tubular Handling, Pressure Control, Fishing Tools.

Oil / Water Separation

Fine Filters, Filter Separators, Desorbers.

Pressure Washers

Kärcher HD 10/16-4 Cage EX and other pressure washers are available upon request.

Load Testing Equipment

Standard Proof Load, Lifeboat Testing, Gangway/Bridge Testing, Load Cells, Tension Meters.

Material Handling & Rigging Equipment

Air Hoists, Chain Hoists, Beam Clamps, Beam Trolley, Gantry Crane, Pallet Trucks, Shackles.

Welding Equipment

We offer a broad range of welding solutions. For every welding category we have multiple machines ready to use. If you are not quite sure what welding equipment you need, get in touch with one of our professionals who will be more than happy to help you!

Torque Tools

Torque Wrenches, Dedicated Square Drives, Tensioners, Nutsplitters.

Pumps, Compressors & Generators

For the offshore market we are able to provide pumps, compressors and generators with DNV-certified crash frames, paint that can stand up to salt environments and components built for the rigors of the offshore market. Our dedicated pumps, compressors and generators will do the job in the toughest circumstances.