X-over Subs

Our inventory offers a wide selection of connections and sizes for our X-Over Subs: X-OVER SUBS – ACME CONNECTIONS X-OVER SUBS – ANTARES AND BUTTRESS X-OVER SUBS – API EUE / NUE X-OVER SUBS – API REGULAR X-OVER SUBS – FH / FH VAM EIS / FH DSTJ X-OVER SUBS – DS50 X-OVER SUBS – […]

Other Equipment

IOT Norway has a wide range of drilling tools, all meeting the highest quality standards.   Our inventory includes variations of the following equipment:  Break Out Guides for Drillpipe Bullnose Circulating Subs Conductor Support Frame Drifts False Rotary Table Junk Subs Lift Caps Lift Plugs for Drillpipe and Tubing Lift Protectors – Bail Type Lifting […]

Tubing for Well Test Operations

For over 10 years IOT has been the preferred tubing supplier for well test operations on the NCS. We carry approx. 8.000 joints ranging from 2 3/8″ – 6 5/8″ in various grades and weights, such as:   Size, Weight, Drift, Material, Connection: 2 3/8″, 5.95#, 1,773″, P-105, Hydril PH6, Std. 2 5/8″, 6.85#, 1,759″, […]

Handling / Pup Joints

IOT Norway offers a large selection of: Drillpipe Handling / Pup Joints Drillpipe X-Over Handling / Pup Joints Pony Drillcollars Tubing Pup Joints   As our inventory is growing, please contact us for details and availability.

Handling Equipment

Please contact us for your equipment needs for: Bushing For Bx Frame 4 Master Kelly Bushing Elevators Large inventory og various types Safety Clamps Various Sizes and Types available in stock Slips and Bowls For Tubing, Drillpipe and Casing, incl Air-operated Slips Casing Drillcollar Power Rotary, for Drillpipe and Tubing Bowls API No 3   […]

Drillpipe / HWDP / DC’s

IOT offers an inventory of 12.000 joints of Drill Pipe, HWDP and Drill Collars in most common sizes and connections. All new drilling equipment has been produced from high quality vendors throughout all our locations globally in accordance with the highest industry standard NS-1, and inspected at the same level NS-2.   Please inquire about […]

Downhole Equipment

IOT Romania provides a full range of downhole equipment

Tubulars Handling Equipment

Complete set of tools tailor-made for an easier and safer handling of your drillstring.


We carry a large variety of Drillpipe, Drill Collars and Tubing.

Pressure Washers

Kärcher HD 10/16-4 Cage EX and other pressure washers are available upon request.