Independent Oil Tools South Africa (Pty) Ltd formerly known as COR South Africa (Pty) Ltd was established in South Africa in 1996 to primarily support 3 offshore rigs owned by Soekor and Mossgas.

Reconizing South Africa as an area for growth and official office was established in 2004 on of the frist rental companies in South Africa. 
Our office in Bothasing includes approx. 800 square  meters of yard space to accommodate storage of equipment. Our warehouse space is right next to National Oilwell Varco which makes it convenient to make use of their services.

We have also diversified to provide internal support services to one of our sister company, IOT Ghana.

IOT SA office is situated in a central area close to the central part of Cape Town and about 45 minutes drive from Cape Town International airport. Our office and warehouse space is leased from SFF, part of the Petroleum South African Group (Petro SA).