IOT Group (IOT) New Zealand is situated in Bell Block, which is the oilfield industrial area of New Plymouth. New Plymouth is the main oilfield centre for New Zealand.

IOT NZ began operations in July 2005, and has been at the this facility since 2006.

We have a small but very experienced oeprations team and are very focused on our customers and how best to maintain a strong working relationship and deliver outstanding service quality.
Our service technicians are very experienced and are a great asset to the company. They have high levels of competency in the Tubular Running Services we offer, and have both onshore and offshore experience. 
We primarily supply TRS and Bucking/Pressure testing services in New Zealand. Our clients vary from the major oil and gas companies working on land or offshore, to the smallest operators running simple completions.

Our team have come up with safe and innovative solutions to the task of running tubulars on very small rigs or even rigless operations where TRS has been required to workover a well.
We are also involved with TRS for the Geothermal operators in NZ. We run many different types of tubulars for these customers and have a great track record in this niche market.

We are the frist district with IOT to run the Volant CRTi tool. The tool was originally purchased in 2013 and has been used on more than 20 runs in NZ. We recived the 2nd Volant tool earlier this year and can run casing from 20" down to 7". Many of our customers would prefer to run the Volant tool for casing running as it reduces the amount of people required to be on the drill floor. The Volant tool is mated up with McCoy Wireless Torque Turn sub which transmits the torque to a remote computer which records the torque make-up of the connections.

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