IOT-Dosco is an internationally recognized rental and supply company for the global oil, gas, salt, water/geothermal and HDD-Drilling induistry.

IOT Dosco BV, a company in the IOT Group, was founded in 1992. IOT-Dosco is an internationally recognized rental and supply company serving the Oil, Gas, Salt, Water/Geothermal and HDD-Drilling industry.

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IOT-Dosco's main activites are sales, rentals and services of OCTG, Drilling Equipment, Pressure Control Equipment, Handling Tools and related accessories used in the drilling and production industry world wide.

Today's drilling environment is more demanding and challenging than ever before. Drilling ultra deep, highly deviated, high pressure and temperature wells with high H2S and CO2 envionment demands sophisticated and specific equipment and material.
IOT-Dosco is fully aware of the ever-changing needs and reuirements of all our customers and we work hard to provide top quality equipment and services in a prompt, professional and cost effective way. Therefor we constantly invest in a new equipment and are continuously looking for new qualified suppliers to stay up to date with the latest technologies. 

In addition, IOT-Dosco can offer full support through agency agreements with major manufacturers and close contacts wiht inspection, machine shops and transport companies. This way IOT-Dosco can cover all your requirements, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


The wide experience of IOT staff and their flexible attitude provides the best economic and technical soultion to all customer needs. Due to the international character of our business and the many years of working internationally, IOT has considerable knowledge of most aspects of exports documentation, regulations and procedures to guarantee total customer satisfaction.


Although IOT-Dosco only received the certification of the ISO 9001 Management System in June 2015, we have always worked according to our own high standards.
We plead for a safe and healthy working envionment for our entire team and are always looking to improve when we can.