Caspian Oilfeld Services was formed in August 2007.

In performing machinery services COS has acquired and established an API certified machine shop. Caspian Oilfield Services has 20,000+ sq. meters open area and 2500 of covered building with storage and office facilities including security. This property is located on the Salyan Highway near to the shipping port for offshore services. 
COS offers a complete range of sizes, grades, connections of Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) from Drillcollars, Drillpipe, Heavyweight Drillpipe, Non Magnetic Drillcollars, Tubing, Casing, Pup Joints, Souplings and Subs.

Repairing stabilizers, sleeves and rhino reamers includes:

  • Chaning OD of these equipment (by grinding and/or building up)
  • Repairing (redress) of old hard facing (grinding capability from 5" to 30")
  • Repairing cracks and damages on the blades
  • Applicable for new hard facing: technogenia powder, tungsten carbide insert with technogenia powder, technodur, tungsten carbide insert with technodur, crushed carbide with bronze, tungsten carbide inserts with crushed carbide
  • Type of welding: SMAW (Shielded Metal Arc Welding), GMAQ (Gas Metal Arc Welding), MIG (Metal Inner Gas), OFC (Oxy-Fuel Gas Cutting), AAC (Air Carbon Arc Cutting or Gouging), Gas Welding with Acetylene, Oxygen
  • Repair (re-cut) damaged threads according to API Specification 7-1 and DS-1 CAT 3
  • Milling and drilling works
  • All repairing works are applicable for steel and Non-Magnetic mater materials
  • Repair and Manufacture of all kind of Cross Over Subs
  • Repair of steel and Non-Magnetic Stabilisers
  • Repair and Cutting the Threads as per API standards
  • Hardening the stabilisers by welding of tungsten carbide material
  • Milling
  • Construction of heavy duty tooling racks
  • Steel construction work and Machining and any other welding activity

COS also provides general supply services for companies working in different spheres.

Caspian Oilfeld Services Management System is ISO 9001:2008.